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“…an exceptional voice, like dark wood that has been highly polished to a shine.”  – Dr. Angela Hawaleshka, master teacher and voice pedagogue

“An amazing voice of brilliance! Ali assembled and elevated the spiritual tone of the city, country, and planet last night with her resonating heart, beauty and elegance. A voice of unearthly blend of grandeur and nuance …. and her emotional accessibility makes her music medicine. And a thoughtful and compelling narrative to the evening’s musical story.” – Blair Holder, music and entertainment lawyer

“… mesmerizing… Could listen to her for hours. Her artistry improves our city. Brilliant. “– Pablo Keselman, impressario

“ Wow! A fantastic evening. I was so energized that I danced on the streets towards my car.” – Bakari Lindsay, co-founder of Collection of Black Artists

“Ali’s solos were the highlight of the night for me…a powerful giantess, titan, amazonian goddess of the stage!… dramatic and riveting.. vocal innuendos were thrilling.” – Mosa Neshamá McNeilly, multi-disciplinary artist and community arts practitioner

“…wonderful to watch and hear.”- Manon Beaudoin, actor, director, playwright -2007

“…riveting”-Joanna Manning, professional writer

“…inspiring… so beautiful and full of feeling.” – Annex Singers Community Choir members

“…so rich, warm, wise & deeply soulful.”-Tammy Wilson, singer, performer and teacher.


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