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Ali Garrison Sings Michel Legrand: The Summer Knows

Ali Garrison Sings Michel Legrand: The Summer Knows

Ali Garrison Sings Michel Legrand:The Summer Knows

with Danny McErlain, piano
Joe Mancuso, Recording Engineer
Moya, Graphic Design

Stay tuned for Ali’s solo debut album, MOSAIC coming soon for purchase through this website.


Photo by Katy Harmer

The Mosaic dream – Ali Garrison

My family and a smattering of my friends are gathered with me at my Mother’s grand “summer estate” which hangs right over the St. Lawrence River where it is broadest. We are congregated in “the conservatory”- the music salon. It is spacious and high-ceilinged with French latticed doors and windows opening onto balconies overlooking the river. It is a summer evening. Candles light the room, illuminating richly woven tapestries and Persian rugs on the walls and floor. There are semi–precious stones inlaid in elaborate mosaics on the table-tops and mantle and floors; jade, lapis lazuli, hermatite, amber, obsidian, turquoise, malachite, alexandrite and rose quartz. The designs are exquisite – each stone is unique, different and intriguing for its imperfections. I feel myself move in to study them up close…the colours soak into me, imbuing me, nourishing me. I completely understand that each piece contributes to a whole design and that this technicolour moment, this dream vision, is making a deep impression on my developing philosophy and aesthetic.

Please join me in exploring this dream mosaic of songs, each rare and beautiful in their diversity and stories. It is like a puzzle to figure out how each eclectic set of pieces interlocks with those around it. And at the end, perhaps together, both performer and listener will be able to stand before a complete picture, a common image.


Nancys Wharf, Cutler, ME

An EP of five improvised compositions by Nancy Bennet, improvising pianist and Ali Garrison, improvising singer, originally recorded live on Nancy’s Steinway at her wharf and then transcribed and re-recorded in studio.

The score will also be published and available for purchase.

Newer CDs will be available for online purchase soon. To receive notices about this date and more, please sign up for Ali’s Giddy Bohemian Newsletter here.

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