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Ali’s teaching philosophy: “Your sound and your body are inseparable”. As singers, we study in order to deepen our relationship with our instrument, learning to connect with our voices as intimately and holistically as we do with our best friends. We seek to identify and express that passionate firesong that burns within.”

Student Testimonials

 – “…supportive…satisfying, rewarding, and complete.” –Ariel Fielding, professional singer

– “I’m very fortunate to be studying with Ali; she has given me the techniques and the confidence to be a performer.” – Steve Kyriakopolous, amateur singer

– “What an uplifting and positive teacher!” – Sandra Kirby, professional singer

-“I call Ali “The Liberator”! – Hannah Burgé, professional singer, coach, founder of Music Village

-“Ali’s only the best vocal coach ever! ” –Marsha Walters, singer/worship leader

-“So much of the hope I have for my voice now, I owe to Ali for her important work.” – T. Thomason, professional singer-songwriter, performer

“What a gift [Ali] is to our world in so many ways. Only the very best teachers simultaneously instil support, inspiration and skill so that the singing spirit can soar freely. I am feeling new foundations, new explorations, and new horizons, all at once. This is what happens when the voice is given permission, acceptance, encouragement and celebration, Ali-style!” – Cindy Dymond, life-long amateur singer and arts for social change advocate.

“If it wasn’t for me meeting this human being, I would not have been able to transition vocally successfully. I want to thank you, for being the gift of life to my voice after my transition to male. If it wasn’t for your guidance, I can honestly say, that as a human being who holds my voice as the greatest gift the universe has sent me, that if I had not had you to help me through it, that my life would not be the same. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Everyone raise a glass to Ali!!!” ~ Lucas Silveira, The Cliks

3 alumni from my studio Lakesha Bambury, Kaisha Lee, Danielle Chang – Afrofest 2014

Sandra Kirby with Ali after her King City solo concert, Jan 2017


Vocal Improvisation Techniques Workshop Participants at UVG-Guatemala City

With Herve Kiniki (NDYC) after his debut in Treemonisha May 2012


Maya Morgan at her singing salon April 2016

Happy Singer, Happy Vocal Coach. After the Jully Black concert, March 2014

Left to right in the picture, Dae (dub poet) moi, Zenab Hassan (spoken word artist and Belul Kidane (singer/songwriter)

SUMMERKEYS 2022 in Lubec, Maine

An opportunity to study in a beautiful, Downeast vacation spot with Ali for up to three sessions:

August 1st-5th,  August 8th-12th, August 15th-19th, 2021

www. summerkeys.com/2012-voice-workshop/

Tuition: approx. $715 per week

This workshop is for singers of all levels continuing their studies. Program consists of a daily group class, five 60-minute private lessons weekly, two hours daily practice, a masterclass and an opportunity to perform at the end of the week. This workshop welcomes all ages, all levels and all experiences; the belief is that a healthy approach to singing can be applied to any style of music.

The week-long workshop begins on Sunday evening with an informal get together of those participating in the voice program. Schedules will be distributed and questions answered. The week will end with a Friday late afternoon/early evening performance class and reception.

Here’s the setting for this week long intensive with Ali:

Practice Rooms at Summerkeys

Summerkeys Backyard

Lubec Harbour Looking North at Sunset

Lubec from the Lighthouse

Heads up for students and artists eager to get back to in-person lessons and coachings with me in September 2021. I’m asking that everyone have had both their covid-19 vaccines for at least 2 weeks before returning to my home studio this fall.

I will continue to offer online lessons and coachings for the foreseeable future. Online lessons will remain an option, especially for those who cannot vaccinate for health or philosophical reasons, which I respect, however cannot take the risk to everyone’s health.

I will continue to monitor the status of covid cases and the variants and will revert to teaching everyone online again if the numbers show any signs of climbing up.

I plan to wear a 95% effective mask during the lessons, to minimize the vapours in the room. I will also have a professional level air purifier in the studio. Students and artists will need to mask before and after their lessons but will not have to mask while singing in the studio.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing you in the flesh!

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