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The professional singer’s intensive studio is a flexible package of two ninety- minute voice lessons per week spread out over a specified length of time. It is a wonderful way for the professional singer to catch up vocally to their career and remind themselves of their priorities. Indeed, it is crucial for us to reach for a level of comfort and ease with our instrument so that we may have long and fruitful careers. This program is designed for the professional singer/performer…

• with a successful career that has taken off and is racing ahead of your technique.

• who is busy and needs to work with a voice trainer in spurts, between tours, recordings, projects and concerts

• who is sometimes feeling unsure about what is going on with your voice, or what to expect from it in the variety of challenging performance situations you find yourself in

• Yearning to spend some time getting to know this voice of yours!

So, it’s time to catch up, before your voice gets taxed beyond its ability to cope with the demands you make of it.

In these voice lesson intensives, we work thoroughly to ensure that your basic technique is truly well founded and you can immediately begin to apply your lessons both vocally and practically. The more you build this vital relationship with your instrument, the more you will be able to count on it in any circumstance.

As a seasoned professional and touring singer myself, I am constantly experimenting and addressing the practical and vocal performance issues that arise in our challenging field. I encourage my students to learn how to process and troubleshoot vocal challenges independently and to clearly and confidently communicate their vocal needs.

Some of the basics you will learn about:

➢ Alignment and stance. The anatomy of a healthy vocal mechanism and how to optimize your energy flow for singing.

➢ Breath: how to support it and keep it moving

➢ Sound: How to feel it and where to send it

➢ Text: How to form vowels and consonants in any language and dialect and style

➢ Vocal Warm-up: Custom-made to fit your individual needs on the road

➢ Practical Application: Bring in your works-in-progress or any repertoire that is currently challenging you. You will quickly find un-mined treasures in them and be able to interpret and communicate them more easily and eloquently.

Basic piano accompaniment can be provided, however more difficult or unusual repertoire may require you to provide your own accompanist.

Lesson schedule: Flexible. Can be made from week to week to accommodate your profession’s demands.

Runs September-December and January-July

Price per week: $270. for 2 ninety minute sessions each week

Fee schedule: Payment by check or cash due at the first lesson of every week

Professional Development tax receipt: Available upon request.

Happy Singer, Happy Vocal Coach. After the Jully Black concert, March 2014

With Sandra Kirby, professional singer and music worship leader

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