Long Term Study


I believe that every singer, both amateur and professional, has an obligation to themselves and their audience to continue their studies and coaching throughout their singing life. It is not possible, given our proximity to our instrument, to maintain adequate perspective on our sound without the trusted, professional ears and opinion of a good coach and/or teacher.

A sixty minute voice lesson in my studio typically includes a thorough warm-up, vocal concepts and technique and practical or musical application.

This course of long term study is offered after an initial ninety minute introductory lesson/interview.

This unique commitment between teacher and individual student will result in an ever deepening appreciation and understanding of the instrument. This is built upon a very well-founded technique and vocal confidence. It also helps the student evolve in a consistent, and disciplined way.

All levels/all styles from absolute beginner to advanced professional are welcome

Lesson Schedule: weekly or bi-weekly at a regular, arranged time-slot.

Introductory lesson/interview: $135. for 90 minutes

Fee: $90. per hour

Fee Schedule: 4 lesson batches paid in advance by personal check, cash, or email transfer.

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