Singing for Children


Children from 6 to 12 years can benefit greatly from singing classes designed to lay the groundwork for a wonderful relationship with music for life. Because the voice is the first instrument and it is so connected to self, establishing a child’s feelings of joy and confidence in their voice both figuratively and literally is vital. With music in the schools being so tragically cut in our city, this void still must be filled in a young person’s life. In tandem with learning another instrument or singing in a choir, singing lessons enhance a child’s life dramatically.

With these regular, thirty minute singing lessons your child will learn:

• to love and respect their own instrument

• warm their voices up

• basic ear training

• basic sight-singing skills

• Enjoy singing songs both new and familiar in a variety of styles that suit their interests and budding tastes.

Benefits: In December and June, a children’s concert will be offered in studio to celebrate their work.

Schedule: regular weekly half-hour lesson September-December and January-July

Fee: $45.00 per weekly, thirty minute private lesson

Payment schedule: 8 lesson batches paid in advance by personal check, cash or email transfer.

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