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I welcome voice students of all levels, ages and interests to my studio with different programs suited to each individual:

  • Long Term Study
  • Five lesson introductory package
  • Professional Singers Intensive Studio
  • The Singing Teen’s Studio
  • Singing for Children
  • July Summer Studio Intensive – for all ages, all levels
  •  SummerKeys in Lubec, Maine – Voice Intensive Workshops – First two weeks of August- for adults all levels


I believe that every singer, both amateur and professional, has an obligation to themselves and their audience to continue their studies and coaching throughout their singing life. It is not possible, given our proximity to our instrument, to maintain adequate perspective on our sound without the trusted, professional ears and opinion of a good coach and/or teacher.

A sixty minute voice lesson in my studio typically includes a thorough warm-up, vocal concepts and technique and practical or musical application.

This course of long term study is offered after an initial ninety minute introductory lesson/interview.

This unique commitment between teacher and individual student will result in an ever deepening appreciation and understanding of the instrument. This is built upon a very well-founded technique and vocal confidence. It also helps the student evolve in a consistent, and disciplined way.

All levels/all styles from absolute beginner to advanced professional are welcome

Lesson Schedule: weekly or bi-weekly at a regular, arranged time-slot.

Introductory lesson/interview: $135. for 90 minutes

Fee: $90. per hour

Fee Schedule: 4 lesson batches paid in advance by personal check or cash


This popular package of five, sixty minute lessons is a wonderful way to begin to learn about your voice as an instrument with a myriad of possibilities!

It is specifically designed for the person who has always wanted to sing, but has never had the opportunity to shine in this area.

In these five lessons we will work intensively on the basic principles of your voice and its workings and how to begin to apply it both musically and practically. You will learn about the following basics:

➢ Alignment and stance. The anatomy of your vocal mechanism and posture.

➢ Breath: how to support it and move it

➢ Sound: How to feel it and where to send it

➢ Text: How to form vowels and consonants.

➢ Vocal Warm-up: You will learn a basic warm-up, ready to use at any time.

Practical Application: Whether you wish to orate, rap or sing for your own pleasure and creative development, we will begin to take these basics and work on a piece that is appropriate for your level.

Lesson Schedule: flexible, lessons as needed.

Fee: $450. for 5 sixty minute lessons

Registration: Personal checks, cash or email transfer for the full amount accepted at the first lesson


The professional singer’s intensive studio is a flexible package of two ninety- minute voice lessons per week spread out over a specified length of time. It is a wonderful way for the professional singer to catch up vocally to their career and remind themselves of their priorities. Indeed, it is crucial for us to reach for a level of comfort and ease with our instrument so that we may have long and fruitful careers. This program is designed for the professional singer/performer…

• with a successful career that has taken off and is racing ahead of your technique.

• who is busy and needs to work with a voice trainer in spurts, between tours, recordings, projects and concerts

• who is sometimes feeling unsure about what is going on with your voice, or what to expect from it in the variety of challenging performance situations you find yourself in

• Yearning to spend some time getting to know this voice of yours!

So, it’s time to catch up, before your voice gets taxed beyond its ability to cope with the demands you make of it.

In these voice lesson intensives, we work thoroughly to ensure that your basic technique is truly well founded and you can immediately begin to apply your lessons both vocally and practically. The more you build this vital relationship with your instrument, the more you will be able to count on it in any circumstance.

As a seasoned professional and touring singer myself, I am constantly experimenting and addressing the practical and vocal performance issues that arise in our challenging field. I encourage my students to learn how to process and troubleshoot vocal challenges independently and to clearly and confidently communicate their vocal needs.

Some of the basics you will learn about:

➢ Alignment and stance. The anatomy of a healthy vocal mechanism and how to optimize your energy flow for singing.

➢ Breath: how to support it and keep it moving

➢ Sound: How to feel it and where to send it

➢ Text: How to form vowels and consonants in any language and dialect and style

➢ Vocal Warm-up: Custom-made to fit your individual needs on the road

➢ Practical Application: Bring in your works-in-progress or any repertoire that is currently challenging you. You will quickly find un-mined treasures in them and be able to interpret and communicate them more easily and eloquently.

Basic piano accompaniment can be provided, however more difficult or unusual repertoire may require you to provide your own accompanist.

Lesson schedule: Flexible. Can be made from week to week to accommodate your profession’s demands.

Runs September-December and January-July

Price per week: $270. for 2 ninety minute sessions each week

Fee schedule: Payment by check, cash or email-transfer due at the first lesson of every week

Professional Development tax receipt: Available upon request.


With voice lessons, youth from 13 to 17 years old can lay a beautiful foundation, connecting to and understanding swiftly changing voices and bodies. The weekly affirmation of feeling sound run through your body is very healing and freeing. The focus on yourself and the music you want to sing is important for your healthy growth into adult singers/musicians. As your interaction with external culture and art expands, voice lessons can support your commitments to curricular and extra-curricular projects and begin to nurture your feelings of constructive independence. It is also important for singers in this age bracket to foster good relationships with creative mentors who can encourage you on your life’s journey.

With these regular, forty-five minute singing lessons you will learn:

• to love and respect your own instrument

• to warm your voice up

• reinforcing ear training

• reinforcing sight-singing skills

• to choose your own repertoire wisely and learn to appreciate the process of getting it to performance level.

Benefits: I will encourage you to become involved in creative projects and give you consistent support throughout the process.

Schedule: regular weekly 45 minute lessons from September-December and January-July

Fee: $67.50. per weekly, forty-five minute private lesson

Payment schedule: 8 lesson batches ($540) paid in advance by personal check, cash or email-transfer


Children from 6 to 12 years can benefit greatly from singing classes designed to lay the groundwork for a wonderful relationship with music for life. Because the voice is the first instrument and it is so connected to self, establishing a child’s feelings of joy and confidence in their voice both figuratively and literally is vital. With music in the schools being so tragically cut in our city, this void still must be filled in a young person’s life. In tandem with learning another instrument or singing in a choir, singing lessons enhance a child’s life dramatically.

With these regular, thirty minute singing lessons your child will learn:

• to love and respect their own instrument

• warm their voices up

• basic ear training

• basic sight-singing skills

• Enjoy singing songs both new and familiar in a variety of styles that suit their interests and budding tastes.

Benefits: In June, a children’s concert will be offered in studio to celebrate their work.

Schedule: regular weekly half-hour lesson September-December and January-July

Fee: $45. per weekly, thirty minute private lesson

Payment schedule: 8 lesson batches ($360) paid in advance by personal check, cash or email-transfer.


An opportunity to study in a beautiful, Downeast vacation spot with Ali for a week or more:

August 1st-5th,  August 8th-12th, August 15th-19th, 2021

Tuition: approx. $715 per week

This workshop is for singers of all levels continuing their studies. Program consists of a daily group class, five 60-minute private lessons weekly, two hours daily practice, a masterclass and an opportunity to perform at the end of the week. This workshop welcomes all ages, all levels and all experiences; the belief is that a healthy approach to singing can be applied to any style of music.

The week-long workshop begins on Sunday evening with an informal get together of those participating in the voice program. Schedules will be distributed and questions answered. The week will end with a Friday late afternoon/early evening performance class and reception.

Summer Keys’ promotional video:

Lubec Harbour Looking North at Sunset

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