Singing Teens


With voice lessons, youth from 13 to 17 years old can lay a beautiful foundation, connecting to and understanding swiftly changing voices and bodies. The weekly affirmation of feeling sound run through your body is very healing and freeing. The focus on yourself and the music you want to sing is important for your healthy growth into adult singers/musicians. As your interaction with external culture and art expands, voice lessons can support your commitments to curricular and extra-curricular projects and begin to nurture your feelings of constructive independence. It is also important for singers in this age bracket to foster good relationships with creative mentors who can encourage you on your life’s journey.

With these regular, forty-five minute singing lessons you will learn:

• to love and respect your own instrument

• to warm your voice up

• reinforcing ear training

• reinforcing sight-singing skills

• to choose your own repertoire wisely and learn to appreciate the process of getting it to performance level.

Benefits: I will encourage you to become involved in creative projects and give you consistent support throughout the process.

Schedule: regular weekly 45 minute lessons from September-December and January-July

Fee: $67.50 per weekly, forty-five minute private lesson

Payment schedule: 8 lesson batches paid in advance by personal check, cash or email transfer.



This specially designed summer study program is for singers, ages 13-17, who wish to explore their voice or continue their vocal studies at a deeper level for 5 days in July. It will give them a kick-start to keep singing independently for the rest of the summer and going into their fall programs with confidence.

This youth week I’ve designed is modeled after more traditional cultures’ approach to arts and music education, where the students meet with their teacher daily or frequently so that through immersion and constant support and a vibrant sense of community, there is more learning and development can flow rapidly.

At the end of the summer session I will lead the youth in a vocal masterclass and then finally, everyone will participate in a salon performance for family and friends (both include an accompanist) on the last day.

  Week-long Voice Intensive for Youth includes:

  • Dates: TBA
  • 3 sixty minute private lessons plus one masterclass  and one salon  performance (includes accompanist)
  • Private Lesson schedule: to be arranged individually
  • 2 hour masterclass on the Thursday (includes an accompanist)
  • Salon performance on the Friday for family and friends with reception to follow.
  • Course fee: $380.
  • Fees for complete session due at first lesson

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