5 Lesson Intro


This package of five, sixty minute lessons is a wonderful way to begin to learn about your voice as an instrument with a myriad of possibilities!

It is specifically designed for the person who has always wanted to sing, but has never had the opportunity to shine in this area.

In these five lessons we will work intensively on the basic principles of your voice and its workings and how to begin to apply it both musically and practically. You will learn about the following basics:

➢ Alignment and stance. The anatomy of your vocal mechanism and posture.

➢ Breath: how to support it and move it

➢ Sound: How to feel it and where to send it

➢ Text: How to form vowels and consonants.

➢ Vocal Warm-up: You will learn a basic warm-up, ready to use at any time.

Practical Application: Whether you wish to orate, rap or sing for your own pleasure and creative development, we will begin to take these basics and work on a piece that is appropriate for your level.

Lesson Schedule: flexible, lessons as needed.

Fee: $450. for 5 sixty minute lessons

Registration: Personal checks, cash or email transfer for the full amount accepted at the first lesson. Gift certificates are also available.

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