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Heads up for students and artists eager to get back to in-person lessons and coachings with me in September 2021. I’m asking that everyone have had both their covid-19 vaccines for at least 2 weeks before returning to my home studio this fall. I will continue to offer online lessons and coachings for the foreseeable future. Online lessons will remain an option, especially for those who cannot vaccinate for health or philosophical reasons, which I respect, however cannot take the risk to everyone’s health. I will continue to monitor the status of covid cases and the variants and will revert to teaching everyone online again if the numbers show any signs of climbing up. I plan to wear a 95% effective mask during the lessons, to minimize the vapours in the room. I will also have a professional level air purifier in the studio. Students and artists will need to mask before and after their lessons but will not have to mask while singing in the studio. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you in the flesh!

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  I cannot stress enough the dire need for you all to drink more water. It will make such a difference to your singing and your overall health. Here are some tips: Drink half your weight (lbs) in fluid oz/day. Add one litre more if you are sick or overheated or singing a lot. Dr. Van Lawrence, world renowned Laryngologist, often said, “Drink until you pee pale.” When one’s body is dehydrated laryngeal lubrication diminishes and wear takes place at a much greater rate than normal. Avoid anything diuretic…soda pop, sugared drinks, caffeinated drinks, alcohol. If you do drink small amounts of these things, drink extra water. Better yet, make a habit to drink H2O instead! Carry a clean, regularily washed, stainless steel or glass flask so that you are not ingesting all the toxins that come from plastics. It is best to drink the bulk of your water quota in the first part of the day, so that you don’t have to keep getting up all night! There is a study that suggests that it is better to chug-a-lug larger quantities of water, rather than sipping small amounts throughout the day. The constantly sipping washes away the healthy enzymes and good bacteria and lubrication in the throat. It also keeps making your kidneys over-work and they can’t get a moment’s rest! When you first begin to drink more water, you may feel slightly nauseous and need to urinate more often. But if you persist, soon, your body will adjust and … Continue reading

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Dear Students, T’is the season(Spring and Fall) for these types of ailments so here’s some info on it if you are suffering from this: Ali’s Recommendations: Total and complete vocal rest and get lots of sleep Don’t clear your throat audibly, it bangs the cords together and causes more swelling and inflammation. Use a humidifier, steamer or take hot showers Gargle and use Neti cup with half sea salt and half baking soda Take Manuka Honey (health food store) Drink more water and throat tea, no caffeine or dairy or wheat. As the voice returns come in for a lesson to get the chords phonating properly again.   I’ve included some traditional and alternative perspectives, so you can be well informed: TRADITIONAL DIAGNOSIS AND CURES: NOTES: Laryngitis often makes you feel the need to constantly clear your throat. Other signs and symptoms may include: Hoarseness Weak voice Tickling sensation and rawness of your throat Sore throat Dry throat Dry cough Causes: Usually a viral infection causes acute laryngitis. A bacterial infection such as diphtheria also may be the cause, but this is rare. Acute laryngitis may also occur during the course of or after another illness, such as a cold, flu or pneumonia. Common causes of chronic laryngitis include constant irritation from excessive alcohol, heavy smoking or reflux of stomach acid into the esophagus and throat, a condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). In adults, other causes of chronic hoarseness may include: Sores (contact ulcers) on the vocal cords Growths (polyps or … Continue reading

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Neti Pots but were afraid to ask ” The Sanskrit term Jala neti refers to an ancient yogic cleansing technique, meaning literally “water cleansing,” where the practitioner rinses out the nasal cavity with water (typically mixed with salt to form a saline solution for comfort) using a neti pot. The irrigation-specific elements of Jala neti are starting to be recognized by Western medicine under the term nasal irrigation to treat a variety of conditions.” “Jala neti, though relatively less known in Western culture, is a common practice in parts of India and other areas in South East Asia, performed as routinely as brushing one’s teeth using a toothbrush. It is performed daily, usually as the first thing in the morning with other cleansing practices. It may also be performed at the end of the day if one works or lives in a dusty or polluted environment. When dealing with problems of congestion it can be performed up to four times a day.” The benefits: reduction of allergy problems improvement to breathing elimination of post-nasal drip elimination of sinusitis or chronic sinus infections moistening of dry nasal passages temporarily reduces symptoms of phantosmia common colds are either avoided or the duration greatly shortened general improvement to sinus health. Yogic breathing practices known as pranayama are greatly enhanced by the practice of jala neti since many of them involve deep breathing through the nostrils. Other benefits: vision is clearer. Jala neti will clean the tear ducts, enabling … Continue reading

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