• I cannot stress enough the dire need for you all to drink more water. It will make such a difference to your singing and your overall health. Here are some tips:
  • Drink half your weight (lbs) in fluid oz/day. Add one litre more if you are sick or overheated or singing a lot. Dr. Van Lawrence, world renowned Laryngologist, often said, “Drink until you pee pale.”
  • When one’s body is dehydrated laryngeal lubrication diminishes and wear takes place at a much greater rate than normal.
  • Avoid anything diuretic…soda pop, sugared drinks, caffeinated drinks, alcohol. If you do drink small amounts of these things, drink extra water. Better yet, make a habit to drink H2O instead!
  • Carry a clean, regularily washed, stainless steel or glass flask so that you are not ingesting all the toxins that come from plastics.
  • It is best to drink the bulk of your water quota in the first part of the day, so that you don’t have to keep getting up all night!
  • There is a study that suggests that it is better to chug-a-lug larger quantities of water, rather than sipping small amounts throughout the day. The constantly sipping washes away the healthy enzymes and good bacteria and lubrication in the throat. It also keeps making your kidneys over-work and they can’t get a moment’s rest!
  • When you first begin to drink more water, you may feel slightly nauseous and need to urinate more often. But if you persist, soon, your body will adjust and balance out and you will actually look forward to it and feel very refreshed with the increased hydration

About Ali Garrison

Alexandra (Ali) Garrison mezzo soprano/performer, international voice teacher, clinician BMA in Vocal Performance, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Founding member, the Waverlies, the Nathaniel Dett Chorale ACTRA member and Gemini Nominee Operatic, theatre roles, concert soloist, Specializing in music for a more harmonious world
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